Alloy Production
Matrioshka Brain
Alloy Production

The mod adds two new structures that produce alloys, both of which need to be build around a neutron star: The Neutronium Gigaforge, and the Nidavellir Hyperforge. The first of these appears above the star in the image above, and the second orbits it. The Neutronium Gigaforge produces 200 alloys and 250 physics per month, and provides a 60% bonus to ship armor, at the cost of 350 energy credits per month. The Nidavellir Hyperforge is a more powerful version of the Gigaforge, capable of producing 2500 alloys, and has numberable other benefits, such as +15% alloys per month, +200% army damage, +20% ship hullpoints and armor, and +25% weapons damage.